17 things you realise when you move back to Belfast after studying there

Belfast Streets AheadSo, I graduated from Queens five years ago (a lifetime, I know) and moved away from Belfast. I moved back in January for work. Four months in and here’s a few things I’ve realised:

  1. The Limelight is still a thing! I mean, it’s changed a bit with this whole Limelight 1 (Spring & Airbrake) and Limelight 2 (the actual Limelight) craic, but still…the important thing is that it’s appropriate to go there even if you’re not a student anymore.mesh-banner-printing
  2. Also, the Limelight playlist hasn’t changed a whole lot either (not complaining).
  3. The Cathedral Quarter is having a serious moment. You must visit  alllll the new bars/restaurants/adorable shops that didn’t exist when you were a student.
  4. They are loving all things Titanic. It might be a good idea to visit the Titanic museum.
  5. You are never too busy to visit the Ulster museum. It’s seriously beaut and has some epic art work on display.Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 21.06.16
  6. You are never too old to lie about Botanic on sunny days with a book.
  7. Clements is just as good as you remembered, maybe even better, who needs Starbucks?
  8. We do, apparently, there are a million more Starbucks in Belfast than there were five years ago.
  9. There are some seriously gorge riverside apartments now, not to mention St Anne’s Square is a very real possibility for your post-student budget.
  10. The city centre is so much better than you remember, there are soooo many new shops, bars and restaurants waiting to be discovered.
  11. Fleg protests are (quietly) ongoing.
  12. A lot of the bars you knew as a student are gone, RIP Stiff Kitten and Auntie Annies.Auntie Annies
  13. Thankfully these have paved the way for new bars, hello Bar with no Name and the Filthy Quarter.
  14. Boojum tastes even better than you remember. Try not to eat it for all of your meals.
  15. (Same goes for Maggie Mays)
  16. Students really are everywhere, how did you not realise this when you were one?
  17. Remember how you were always too hungover/busy/dying to visit home for the weekend to make it to St George’s Market as a student? Yeah, you were a fool.

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