23 things all girls in their late twenties will get

List Book

  1. It doesn’t matter that Taylor Swift’s ’22’ didn’t exist when you were 22, it’s still your song.
  2. You remember when YouTube didn’t have adverts.
  3. In your mind, you’re still closer to 20 than 30.
  4. Even though you understand that a sneaky pair of flats are worth their weight in gold on a night out, you still abandon them sometimes in favour of a tiny, adorable, impractical clutch.
  5. Moisturising! Moisturising is the absolute best! You are dedicated to finding the perfect skincare routine.
  6. It’s ok to de-tag some photos on Facebook.
  7. You are never too old for a breakout, thanks hormones.
  8. It is totally acceptable to take to your bed with a hot water bottle and Netflix when period cramps hit (and they are definitely getting worse as you age).
  9. The best nights are spent dancing. The absolute best are the ones you don’t expect to enjoy.
  10. Girly sleepovers are the best, regardless of age.
  11. The Gilmore Girls still totally speaks to you, in fact, you appreciate different facets of it now that you’re older.
  12. Some friends aren’t worth keeping.
  13. You’re still tempted to double text boys, and sometimes that’s ok, sometime’s it’s not about power (sometimes it is).
  14. You laugh now at how worried you were about starting your career in your early twenties.
  15. In fact, you realise now that your twenties are turning out to be the most turbulent years of your life to date, and you wouldn’t have them any other way.
  16. It doesn’t matter that you’re not married and/or pregnant yet.
  17. You know you’re not going to miss anything if you spend the weekend alone with a book and your own company.
  18. You have a better idea of what you want from life, and it’s not the same as it was 10, or even 5 years ago.
  19. It’s ok that you haven’t bought a house yet.
  20. You are finally on top of your laundry/cleaning game, #i’manadult.
  21. You’re metabolism has finally caught up with you. Oh, hi Saturday morning gym trips.
  22. If you take a much younger family member anywhere, anywhere at all, people will assume they’re your child (but how else are you going to get to see the newest disney fiilm as soon as it comes out?)
  23. The Harry Potter books are still some of the best and most comforting books (and films) of all time. (Always).

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