Six things that are making me smile today

Michael Kors Band, Paperchase notebook, Rimmel nailpolish It’s Wednesday morning. I’m sitting in work and writing the first draft of this in my adorable little Paperchase List Book. It’s gorgeous and sunny and so very spring-like outside. I’m happily contemplating the weekend and the beginning of my new morning gym routine (and by beginning, I mean I’m going to try going to the gym before work once a week and see how I get on).

There’s something they don’t tell you when you start your first software job, and I suppose this could be true of your first job in any new field, and it’s this: you’re going to be bored. You’re going to be so bored. And aimless. At least, for the first few months you will be (like, really bored at times). There won’t be anything for you to do yet, because you don’t know enough, and there won’t always be time to train you up straight away. I work at a technology centre for a financial institution and this seems to be especially true here, every person I’ve spoken to has said the same thing: you’re going to be bored for a while. So you sit, and you try to be very motivated and proactive. You chat to people about what they’re doing when you can, you do as much training on your own as you can. You read blogs, email the other new starts, decide to start your own blog (hi there). You start to feel a bit annoyed, and worried, and you wonder why they can’t give you something, anything to do. Even though you know this is normal. Even though you’ve been told to enjoy it while you can because once the real work starts, it really starts.

So, since I’m sitting here, not quite at 9 am yet, and so not quite ready to start my working day, drinking my green tea and feeling hella smug about the apple I’m munching on for breakfast*,  I thought I’d gather up the things I’m grateful for, four months into 2015 and write them down.

  1. A job in my field, straight out of my masters. I am incredibly lucky in this respect. I didn’t have to do a million and one interviews or unpaid internships. It’s the nature of getting a job in tech for the most part, that you’ll find one quickly. But I had this gig secured before I even finished my dissertation and it was a huge weight off my shoulders.
  2. Rimmel’s ‘Oh, Mr Darcy!’ Salon Pro nail polish. Perfect neutral colour that goes with anything, is suprisingly chip resistant and has a rockin’ name to boot.

    Rimmel's Oh, Mr Darcy! nailpolish
    It is harder than it looks to do those sweet nail polish pics
  3. New shoes! I bought these little beauties in Next last week to wear with a pair of cuffed trousers I’m just mad about. They might be a little bit too high for a comfortable walk from the train station to work, but screw it, why do we have big handbags if not for carrying emergency flats in?
  4. This absolutely dreamy, attention grabbing, mustardy yellow Michael Kors beauty that I snapped up in House of Fraser as a first new job pay check splurge. I just adore the colour, and I never in a million years would have bought it in any other colour. It’s bright bold, and I think it’s a great hue for every season. I am especially looking forward to wearing it about in crisp, early autumn though, in a cute blazer/scarf/skinny jeans combo while I sip clements coffee and wander around art galleries on weekends. I am seriously considering buying another, bigger Michael Kors bag in the exact same colour when (touch wood) I make it through my six month probation period, just because I love it so much.michale kors bag in yellow
  5. My mental health, I am in such a better place than I was just over a year ago, and miles better than when I finished my PGCE year-oddly content and happier, I think, than I’ve been in a long while.
  6. A weekend in Donaghadee. Which is a teeny town on the East coast of Northern Ireland. I visited there last weekend to stay with some friends and have dinner, drinks and a Gilmore Girls marathon. They also foster guide dogs that are in training and have recently taken on an absolutely adorable retired guide dog named Dillon. So, yeah, that was so so much fun. She is a freelance linguist goddess who runs a blog detailing her experiences as a smart girl with ADHD and he has a pretty sweet comic book/film/tv blog he doesn’t like to brag too much about but absolutely should. So, as you can imagine, we had some pretty lively conversations about writing and art and life. Over cocktails. donaghadee lighthouse

The sky was actually that blue when we took a walk on Saturday morning. My visit really just reinforced that I will definitely retire to a seaside town someday.

So that’s it, six things that are making me smile today. And I know, three of them might seem a little bit shallow, but fuck it, what’s life without a little bit of materialistic glee sometimes?

*I ended up having pizza for lunch FYI


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