What I’ve been up to lately (or how easy it can be to lose track of life sometimes)

cup of tea at home

It’s a fairly sunny Saturday morning, I’m visiting the parents for the bank holiday weekend and enjoying the home comforts. I’m typing this on my phone, using Evernote, which is super handy because I can sync it between all of my devices. The phone part itself is a bit of a bitch when it comes to writing a full post, inserting links, pictures and spellcheck (seriously though, sorry for all the typos I’ve missed guys). I have every intention of spending the rest of the day writing and catching up on Game of Thrones and Greys Anatomy and I might even go for a run later, maybe do some Yoga.

Sometimes life is just good like that.

I’ve had a crazy busy few weeks. Not huge exciting life changing crazy. Just getting shit organised and winning at life (for the most part) crazy.

Work Stuff

I’ve referenced the utter boredom that can creep in in the early days of a new job before. I’m glad to say that’s over. I’ve finally been given some code to get to grips with. It’s nothing huge, just a bit of XML, XPath and XSLT, and my progress is so so slow, but it certainly makes my days go in quicker. I feel like I might actually be getting somewhere. Like maybe going into software development wasn’t such a terrible idea after all.

House Hunting

I’ve been looking for somewhere new to live as well. Since I moved back to Belfast in January I’ve been staying in my sisters spare room. It’s a lovely little student flat and it’s been so handy while I look for somewhere else. I’ve been swinging between going into a house share to save money and going it alone for months now, but a few weeks ago I finally decided I was going to live on my own. Yes, it will be more expensive, but I think it’s worth it.

I’m both insanely excited and worried. Excited at the idea of having my own space that will look exactly the way I want it (that’s the control freak in me), worried that I’ll be lonely and miss the buzz of having other people around. I have enough friends in Belfast that I’ll never be stuck for company, but sometimes when the flat is full, or I’m sitting having a cup of tea and a chat, laughing so hard at something one of the girls has said that I legitimately feel like I’m getting the benefit of doing one hundred sit ups*, I worry that I’ll miss the spontaneous craic that comes from having housemates. Other times I come home after cleaning to find it messy again and realise that I am far too much of a control freak to deal with other peoples messes easily. Now, I live with three people who are in the midst of their final exams, so I fully accept that things are going to get a bit messy, but I also know that I prefer to have control over my surroundings, that I can get annoyed and stressed when I don’t. That’s all me.

So yeah, the house hunting has commenced and I’m debating over whether to move out June or July, or maybe August. Watch this space for house hunting woes and homeware wish lists. Seriously, all the homeware wishlists, I’m already planning out what will go on my walls and what type of soft furnishings I’m going to buy.


I booked tickets the Benicassim. A four day festival by the beach, a few hours from Barcelona. I spent ages looking for flights that would get us in at a reasonable time and let us fly home when we weren’t too hungover.We booked an apartment because camping without showers or air conditioning does not appeal to me at all. I’m crazy excited to spend my days on the beach and my nights dancing with friends. The promise of it is definitely getting me through this tempestuous weather we’ve been having.


My mum came to visit and I got to do some of my favourite Belfast activities. We spent a whole weekend shopping, eating out, visiting the Ulster Museum and strolling through Botanic Gardens.

And somehow, with all these little things happening, I let other little things slide. So I had all these blog posts planned, but never got around to typing them up or taking pictures for them, or editing the ones I did have typed. I dropped the ball on my gym routine, because when the choices are gym or Beni planning session with one of your besties, the gym will lose every damn time. And when your sister is in the middle of her finals and asks for your laptop to write essays, you sound pretty selfish if you say: ‘Uhm, no, I’m really feeling this blog post right now, why don’t you just go to the super busy library and hope you find a miraculously free computer?’

Everything that’s been happening has been pretty amazing: doing well at work, being able to move out on my own, planning fun summer activities, but I’ve been stressing out about the small things, the things I’ve let slide. It’s made me realise some things about myself, like just how much of a control freak I can be, and how important my routines can be. I’m sure everyone has moments like these, and I don’t know how other people deal with them, but for me it’s lists, plans and organisation.

So this is me getting things done and using my very expensive smart phone that is basically a tiny computer for more than facebook and twitter stalking. I feel wonderfully organised already, you can expect to see regular Sunday updates from now on (hopefully, I feel like I may be jinxing myself here).

Any additional organisation tips are more than welcome!

*This actually happened once, I laughed so hard that my abs hurt for three days.


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to lately (or how easy it can be to lose track of life sometimes)

  1. I stumbled across your blog today through the twitter hastag #NIBloggers and I’m glad I’ve came across another blogger from N.Ireland. I am currently studying my degree in Computer science and wondered how you got into the world of Software development?

    great post! 😀


    1. Thanks! I got into it quite randomly actually, I heard about the Professional Software Development Conversion MSc in Coleraine and applied on a whim last year. Luckily I ended up liking it! Citi recruit pretty actively in University of Ulster so I applied and started working for them as soon as I finished. What year of your undergrad are you in? Have you done your placement year yet?


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