32 things that happen during finals

exam revision
Brought to you courtesy of my sister’s study area

I just got back from a pretty rejuvenating bank holiday weekend back home with the family. I’m staying with my final year student sister though, so I came back to a flat full of final years who are essentially living between their desks and in the library. Which got me to thinking about my own finals (back in 2010, and more recently for my masters in 2014). So I thought I’d compile a list of all the crazy things that happen during finals.

  1. You suddenly seem to sleep a lot less. Whether it’s getting up super early to get that prime seat in the library, staying super late once you finally have one or just never leaving at all.
  2. Face it, you kind of wish you could just bring a pillow to the library.
  3. There are a select group of library regulars that you seem to keep running into, they may be following you, they may just be on the same schedule as you, who knows (you haven’t had a full nights sleep in a while, you’re not a reliable source)
  4. There are a few people in the library you are actually stalking…you’re meant to be together, they just don’t know it yet.
  5. You form deep and lasting friendships with the people you pull all nighters with.
  6. You are uniquely acquainted with the pain of watching your friends finish their exams before you.
  7. Which means it’s ok to be hella smug when you finish your exams before someone else.
  8. Vending machine food and caffeinated beverages have become a staple part of your diet.
  9. You daydream daily about the last day of exams and alllll the drinking/Netflix/sleep that will follow.
  10. You spend a lot of time resisting the urge to just study at home…in pjs…in bed.
  11. You’re easily annoyed by everything in the library, Crunchy MaGee in the corner and his echoing cavern of a mouth, the cougher, that girl wearing heels who insists on trotting around everywhere: they are all your worst enemies.
  12. You genuinely want to punch people who leave their stuff at tables while they swan off for hours at a time. Don’t they know there are people who would sell their own mother for a seat?
  13. You think anyone who is sick is thoroughly despicable. What are they even doing in the library?
  14. You have regular breakdowns about how you’re going fail all of your exams, and the future is so bleak, and why didn’t you work harder in second year?
  15. You know exactly how many marks you need in every exam/assignment to get a 2.1.
  16. You realise you have never known stress. A Levels have nothing on this.
  17. You’ve long since given up on personal grooming: dry shampoo and topknots are your new best friends. You probably smell like a homeless person too.
  18. You stare in wonder at girls who get dressed up for the library…like, how do they even have time to brush their hair? Never mind put on makeup, heels, matching socks? Is…is one of them wearing fake eyelashes?
  19. You legitimately can’t remember the last time you dressed up, or went anywhere that wasn’t in the university.
  20. You go through phases of hysteria, where literally everything is hilarious.
  21. The library is now your main source of socialising.
  22. You’ve genuinely wanted to kill your housemates at least once.
  23. You’ve called at least one member of your family to have a cry.
  24. You talk someone down (or watch someone else do it) when they’re on the verge of giving up and heading to the bar (or you’ve been the person who needed talking down)
  25. Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Pinterest/Yik Yak, basically any form of social media is 100 times more interesting than studying right now.
  26. You have a study playlist, and you simply cannot start anything until it is perfect.
  27. You take every break you can outside, because you know it’s going to start raining the minute your last exam ends.
  28. Because of this you are surprisingly sunburnt.
  29. You suddenly have difficulty with the most basic of words (pronouncing them, spelling them, using them in a sentence).
  30. You regularly question your life choices. Why did you want a degree again? Are you studying the right topics? You genuinely don’t feel qualified to decide what to have for lunch.
  31. You feel suuuper nostalgic about everything. Because even though everything is crazy stressful and annoying right now, it’s still the end of Uni. And that’s kind of sad.
  32. Seriously though, you still can’t wait for all of this to be over.

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