9 Things I’m Dying to Buy in June

Selection of Homewares

I’ve become a nester. A real life nester. Over half of my online browsing lately has been homeware over fashion. My pinterest is filled with ideas for gallery walls and I’m this close to asking my landlord if I’m allowed to paint. The walls at least, I’m dying to paint the furniture after finding a shop that sells chalk paint literally around the corner from me, but as lovely as he is, I don’t think he’d appreciate me changing too much in the apartment. There are a ton of adorable things that i’m just dying to buy.

I’ve never written a wish list before. I’ve thought about it. I’ve started it a few times. I collect everything I want to buy in labelled bookmarks so I have soooo much material for any type of wish list it strikes my fancy to write. But I was a tad worried. Worried people would hate it, that it would be awful, that I would find out my taste was terrible (in my darker moments, I love my taste). Then I took part in my first ever blogger chat on twitter hosted by Jemma of Dorkfaceblog (which was all kinds of fun but more on that in another post) and one of her questions was what do we feel uncomfortable writing about. The response from all involved to peoples’ insecurities was so positive. Katy of KatyGilroyBlog put it pretty well when she said: ‘your blog, your taste’. So I added it to my list of things to do today (you may have guessed, but I really, really like making lists) and after messing around with GIMP (the most tragically named image editor in existence) to try and make some kind of decent header, I finally had a finished product. So here it is, my blog and my taste.

1. ‘Winter’ by Leonid Afrimov

leonid afremov: Winter

Anyone who’s looked at my home ideas board on Pinterest will be aware that I am dying for a gallery wall. I’ve been curating for a few months now, trying to find pieces that I like, ones that are pretty, or quirky, or striking. This is one of the latest on my acquisition list. I’ve always wanted an Afrimov painting. He has this way of painting rain slicked streets and colourful night time scenes that is just gorgeous. And he paints using palette knives, which is something I’ve never been able to master. Funnily enough the first painting I’m planning to buy of his isn’t a rainy scene, but a Winter one. The colours are perfect for the effect I want.

Abyss of the Disheartened by Heather Landiss

Another one for the gallery wall. I love love love this image. I saw it on a book cover years ago (The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkins) and I liked it so much it made me go read the book. The cover has always stayed with me, and it was one of the first images I thought of when I decided to build a gallery wall. I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I found out it could be bought as a separate print. So yeah, gloomy name, but isn’t it striking?

Yankee Candle in Clean Cotton

I was a little bit put out when they discontinued the Fresh Linen years ago, but Clean Cotton is definitely an acceptable replacement. Nothing compares to that fresh, clean, just washed scent. I instantly feel at home when I smell it (although I am tempted by their new coconut range).

4. Marks and Spencer Bow Photo Frame

 Marks and Spencer Bow Photo Frame

Can’t have a gallery wall without some seriously pretty frames to go with it. My palette is definitely veering towards neutral colours: off white, greys, a cheeky duck egg blue and this little whimsical number that I have yet to find something to fill.

5. H&M Metal Photo Frame

H&M Metal Photo Frame

I frequently forget that H&M have a homeware section. I’m always really pleasantly surprised when I remember. I have an adorbs budgie print that’s earmarked for this bad boy.

6. Pastel Retro Suitcases from flamingo

Pastel Retro Suitcases from flamingo They’re adorable, retro and pastel, pretty much everything I want in decorative suitcases that can be used for storage.

7. Tesco ‘Hello Sunshine’ Pillow

Tesco Hello Sunshine Pillow

I spotted this little guy when I got bored doing my Tesco shop online and moseyed over to homeware. I love having mismatched throw pillows, and my friend Mairead and I were discussing the need for something mustard yellow in my new apartment just the other week (so it’s a sign, meaning I absolutely must buy it).

8. H&M glass jar

H&M Glass Jar with a lid

Just because I need something pretty to hold fresh flowers in, and I’m not a huge fan of traditional vases. I could also see myself buying three of these and using them to hold change or cutesy penny sweets (that I would immediately have to resist the urge to eat in one day).

9.  M&S Brass Retro Lampshade

 M&S Brass Retro Lampshade

I’m torn between whether to get this in copper or white. I just love that industrial edge to it and can see it  contrasting beautifully with my living room decor.

Link to WhatSheWrote Pinterest

Check out my Homeware Pinterest board for more.


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