17 Things that happen when you’re a Stationery Addict


Yeah, so, I have a lot of stationary…

  1. You can’t walk into a shop without immediately being drawn to their stationary section.
  2. You have more empty notebooks than you know what to do with.
  3. You’re constantly buying new notebooks, girl can never have too many adorable notebooks.
  4. If a notebook has an cute/inspirational/sassy message on the front you are sold.
  5. You yearn for a reason to send thank you notes so you can buy a thank you note set.
  6. Email is super handy and all, but a reason to send handwritten letters is the dream.
  7. You are constantly on the look out for the perfect pen. You have soon many pens.
  8. Paper quality is a big factor in any new purchase, is it too flimsy? Will it tear? Will the writing show on the other side of the page? These are all questions you ask yourself before a new purchase (and sometimes you’re like: ‘fuck it, the cover is pretty enough to make up for all that’).
  9. You look for ways to display your empty notebooks until you have a use for them.
  10. Novelty erasers, just yes. ‘nuff said.
  11. Your friends and family *may* have commented on how many notebooks you have.
  12. It seems perfectly reasonable to spend a small fortune in Paperchase every time you stop in (and you’re incapable of walking past without stopping in to that little piece of heaven on earth).
  13. You rank your stationary. Cute notebooks are too nice to use for every day notes, you have separate, plain notebooks for that.
  14. You buy new stationary when you’re sad because you know it will instantly cheer you up.
  15. You have, on occasion, bought  more than one planner a year because you’re constantly finding better ones.
  16. You know the difference between a spiral bound and a wire bound notebook.
  17. And really you wouldn’t change a thing, because nothing compares to that new stationary glow.

7 thoughts on “17 Things that happen when you’re a Stationery Addict

    1. I hadn’t checked out their stationary before but I am definitely getting that floral pencil case (I’m not even sure what need I have for a pencil case but I want it) and those moving eye push pins!


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