20 things you do when you’re bored at work

bored at work breakfast

We’ve all had them. Those days when work is the last thing on your mind and you’ll do anything and everything to entertain yourself in other ways.

  1. You spend at least an hour of your day just staring into space and checking out the screens of the people around you to see if they’re slacking off too
  2. You have a lot of tea breaks, which leads to a lot of bathroom breaks, which in turn makes you incredibly paranoid that people think of you as ‘that girl who keeps going to the bathroom and either has a drug or bladder problem’.
  3. You worry that you’re chewing too loudly when you bring the aforementioned tea and biscuit back to your desk.
  4. You spend a lot of time rearranging your workspace to make it look tidy and productive.
  5. You then proceed to take pictures of it and spend at least half an hour making them Instagram worthy.
  6. You have your favourite blogs open on a very small window that you read whenever you think you can get away with it.
  7. You have a mini panic attack whenever your boss passes your desk. You are so screwed if he asks for an update.
  8. You check your emails. You check your emails a lot.
  9. You spend extended periods chatting with your work BFFs on messenger. You congratulate yourself for looking super busy, typing away.
  10. You check twitter and Facebook on your phone at least once an hour and you curse the work gods that have blocked access to social media on the office computer (this is probably for the best though).
  11. You make super efficient lists of all the things you have to do when you get out of work. You are so  on the ball.
  12. You try to take discreet snapchats and hope no one notices.
  13. You worry that your perfume might be a little bit overpowering, or that you’re not wearing enough of it, or that you smell bad. Is your makeup still on? Have you made your hair greasy from playing with it too much? Basically you think a lot about the things that could be wrong with your look today.
  14. You check your phone 987656789 million times, convinced you saw the message light flash every damn time.
  15. You feel a cautious sense of pride if you finish even the most basic of tasks, because it means you’ve done at least one thing that counts as work today.
  16. You have a work crush, someone you probably wouldn’t even notice outside of work but they’re perfect for creeping on in the office. You’ve never actually spoken to them.
  17. You spend time longingly staring at the clock, just waiting for lunch time.
  18. Time loses all meaning. Five minutes can feel like an hour, and the last hour of the work day is an eternity.
  19. You Instagram your work breakfast, and lunch, and any piece of food that passes your way and looks cute, because why the hell not?
  20. Admit it, you’ve nodded off at your desk a few times.

6 thoughts on “20 things you do when you’re bored at work

  1. This post is far too accurate! Haha. I loved it! Especially the checking your phone….I’m so bad for that… Great post gal. Keep it up 🙂 -Christina xo

    Liked by 1 person

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