16 Reasons Autumn is the Absolute Best Season

paper chase stationary on WhatSheWroteBlog, by Laura McFadden, Northern Ireland

Oh, hi there Autumn. You’re looking swell. Full of crisp days, changing leaves and cozy dark evenings. I’ve spent the first week of September looking at stationary, shopping online and reciting Keats’ poem ‘To Autumn’ to myself.

Autumn is, without a doubt, my absolute favourite time of year. I’m not big on summer, I’m pale and I burn easily. I spend quite a bit of summer as a sweaty mess. Oh sure, I’m fickle at first, and enjoy the sunshine and the warmth, but it never lasts. I usually start pining for Autumn in early August, late July if it’s been particularly muggy.

I never, ever get tired of Autumn though. I’m in a pretty good mood from September right through to December most years. I love the fashion, and the weather and the way it starts to get dark in the evenings and it feels super cosy when you curl up with a good book at night. It always reminds me of the fresh new school year feeling, and since I’m a self confessed stationary addict I’ve already been to paperchase once to pick up a new notebook (or three) and start to check out potential new planners for 2016 (did anyone else know they have a loyalty card now?). So, I’m sorry guys, but you can expect a few Autumn themed posts coming your way in the next while, ’cos, like, Autumn.

First up: 16 reasons autumn is the absolute best season

  1. No matter how old you get, it will always remind you of the new school year, new stationary, and change. Go on and buy yourself some new books already.
  2. It finally starts to cool down, so you have those brilliant blue sky days, and you get to enjoy them without worrying about unattractive pit stains. Because you’re wearing an adorable coat and scarf combo to protect you from that fresh Autumn chill and looking effortlessly stylish while doing so.
  3. Two words: Autumn. Fashion.
  4. Autumn leaves. Like, just imagine all the Instagram worthy trees and leaves that are coming your way (Queens University in Belfast is brilliant for this, but all those crisp leaves become slippery death traps the instant it rains. You wouldn’t have it any other way though).
  5. Let the count down to Halloween begin! (this might only be a really big thing in Derry, where I grew up. But Halloween is AMAZING there, like seriously, we go all out for it. My friends and I are already planning costumes).
  6. Breton tops are always really big in Autumn, so you have lots of opportunities for acquiring that wardrobe staple.
  7. Same goes for tartan, Autumn is the perfect season to pick up a cute tartan/checked piece of clothing or accessory.
  8. You can finally dust off your ankle boots (or buy a new pair!). Say goodbye to sandals and the need for pedicures for while.
  9. Tis the season to buy hot beverages on your way to work. And have soup, and allllll the tea.
  10. You still get those brilliant sunny days where you can wear sunglasses with your statement lip. But you don’t have to worry about your sunglasses steaming up or sliding down your nose.
  11. It’s finally acceptable to wear tights again. Thick, opaque ones that hide the fact that you’ve basically stop caring about shaving your legs for the next 7-8 months.
  12. And jeans, remember jeans?
  13. Rain smells better in Autumn. Seriously.
  14. You can go into a coffee shop and just read and people watch with a hot beverage and feel seriously cosy and reflective. None of this trying to go sit in the park and people watch and get burnt/rained on/harassed by bugs because British/Irish weather is so tempestuous.
  15. It’s totally acceptable again to stay at home in the evenings with a good book or Netflix.
  16. You may be rolling your eyes at the Christmas stock that is slowly rolling out, but deep down inside you’re dying for November and Christmas markets and wishing for snow.

11 thoughts on “16 Reasons Autumn is the Absolute Best Season

  1. I will never grow too old for new stationery! So close to buying my husband “back-to-school” stuff but think that might be a bit weird for a mature masters course…. any excuse to spend more time in Paperchase (I got one of those cards too!)

    Looking forward to seeing lots of woolly autumn fashion posts and hot drinks recipes on all the blogs!


    1. You absolutely should! I bought myself sooo many back-to-school things when I started my Masters at 26! What’s he going to study?

      I’ve been trawling the web for lovely Autumn posts, I literally cannot get enough of this season!

      Laura x


  2. Okay. wow. we are very similar!! I literally agree with every point you just make! And I also am a very fickle ‘I love summer’ sort of person for the first few weeks and then I begin pining for autumn! I’m very excited that it’s getting chillier in England now! More cosy jumper days, hot chocolate, pumpkin lattes, coffee shops, ankle boots ooooh I’m getting excited!! x


    1. Finally! Someone else who gets sick of summer quickly! I lovingly took alllll of my Autumn clothes out of storage on Saturday and shopped for new boots online. Literally cannot think of a better way I could have spent the day either!

      Glad you liked it 🙂

      Laura x

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